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Jimmie Lorraine Dillinder

Jimmie Lorraine Dillinder

Jimmie's parents were
James "Jim" Dillinder & Kate Lynn

Jimmie Dillinder's husband was
H.L. Ribble

Their children were:
*Billy "Bill" Loyd Ribble
Modene Ribble

Jimmie Lorraine Dillinder was born to James Henry and Kate Valentine Lynn Dillinder on August 18, 1905 in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, Texas.

Jimmie Lorraine Dillinder's birth certificate. However, they hadn't named her yet.

James and Kate's first child was born in 1896. They named him Andrew Floyd Dillinder, but called him Floyd. He died in 1898 at the age of 2. He died before they had any other children. In 1900 another son, Loyd Henry Dillinder, was born. Jimmie was then born in 1905. Some people called her Jimmie and others called her Lorraine. In 1908 another daughter, Attie Lois was born. They called her Lois. In 1911 another daughter was born. Her named was Nobelle and they called her Nobie. In 1905 their last child, Margaret, was born. Her nickname was Monk. All their children were born in Palo Pinto County, Texas.

1910 census shows the Dillinder family living in Palo Pinto. Jimmie was 5 years old


Jimmie and her sister, Lois. Jimmie enjoyed playing the piano all her life.

1920 census for James Henry Dillinder family. Between
1917 the Dillinders moved to Young County, Texas

Jimmie married neighbor H.L. Ribble on October 22, 1922 in Young County, Texas. Fatine married Jimmie's brother, Loyd, and Red Bullard married their sister, Lois.

Jimmie Lorraine Dillinder and H. L. Ribble's marriage license

Jimmie and H.L. had their first child, Billy Loyd Ribble, Jr. on September 17, 1926.

Billy Loyd Ribble
In the 1920s both of Horace and Zuma’s children married. H.L. married Jimmie Lorraine Dillinder and Fatine married Jimmie’s brother, Loyd Dillinder. On September 17, 1926, Jimmie's first grandchild, Billy Loyd Ribble, was born.


1930 census for Horace and Zuma
This picture is in bad shape, but it is Billy Loyd, H.L., and Jimmie.

By 1940 census, Horace and Zuma are living in the Henry Chapel/Finis area next door to H.L., Jimmie, and Billy Loyd, Horace and Zuma's first grandchild.

1940 census shows HL and family living next door to Horace and Zuma

September 7, 1941 H.L. and Jimmie welcomed a new daughter, Modene, to the family.

This 1944 picture shows (l to r) James Dillinder, Kate Lynn Dillinder, Fatine Ribble Dillinder, Lois Dillinder Bullard, Jimmie Dillinder Ribble, Ross Bullard
is standing in front of Jimmie. Seating on the ground is Monk Dillinder Reed. She is holding her neice, Modene Ribble, Monk's husband, Earl Reed.
H.L. Ribble family.
seated l to r: H.L., Modene, Jimmy,
standing: Billy "Bill" Loyd Ribble

1944 Jimmie Dillinder Ribble, H.L. Ribble and Modene Ribble

H.L. and Jimmie Ribble's son, Billy "Bill" Ribble joined the marines for WWII. When he came back from the war he married Jackie Phinney daughter of Tige and Toots Phinney.

1945 picture of Jimmie, Modene and Bill Ribble.

On January 3, 1948 H.L. and Jimmie became grandparents for the first time when Bill and Jackie had a baby boy named Wayne. On December 7, 1949, H.L. and Jimmie became grandparents for the second time with a little girl, Cheri (pronounced Cherry). Around 1950 H. L. and Jimmie moved to Kansas and then Oklahoma and H.L. worked as a foreman on a ranch. On August 5, 1954, another grandchild, Dana Ribble was born. And then again on November 16, 1955 another little girl was born. She was named Penny Ribble. That was that last of the grandchildren for H.L..

Jimmie. with her 2 youngest granddaughters, Dana and Penny
H.L. and Jimmie Dillinder Ribble
H.L. and Jimmie Ribble in Graham visiting Bill
from l to r: Bill Ribble, Jackie Phinney Ribble, H.L. Ribble, Dana Ribble, and Penny Ribble ca 1968

In 1971 at the age of 68, H.L. retired and moved back to Graham, Texas. On October 22, 1972 H.L. and Jimmie celebrated their 50 wedding anniversary.

Toots Hibler Phinney, H.L. Ribble, Jimmie Dillinder Ribble

H.L. Ribble, Jimmie Dillinder Ribble

H.L. Ribble, Jimmie Dillinder Ribble

Jimmie Dillinder Ribble, H.L. Ribble

Jimmie Dillinder Ribble, H.L. Ribble

A few months after H.L. moved back to Graham, his son, Bill moved to Lafayette, Louisiana for work. He was a helicopter mechanic.

from l to r: Jimmie, Dana, and H.L. ca 1973
from l to r: Jimmie, Jackie, Margie, Cheri,
Penny, Toots, Dana, Glenn, H.L., Wayne
from l to r: Jimmie, Bill, and H.L. going for a helicopter ride
Christmas of 1976
back row from l to r: H.L., Ryan (Penny's baby), Wayne, and Jimmie.
front row from l to r: Dana, Penny, and Cheri
Picture taken by grandson, Wayne, in 1979. H.L. and Jimmie

H.L. died at 81 in the Olney Hamilton Hospital in Olney, Texas on October 30. 1984 and was buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Graham, Texas. He had been ill a long time with cancer and suffered much.

Jimmie and her siblings had a reunion at Noebelle's home in Seadrift, Texas in 1985.


From l to r Monk, Noebelle, Lois, Jimmie Lorraine, and Loyd -
1985 at Noebelle home in Seadrift. Some of Noebelle's paintings are on the wall behind them.
Jimmie's Death Certificate

After H.L. died Jimmie lived alone for many years. Her son, Bill, died in 1995 of cancer. She died in a nursing home on February 9, 1998

Jimmie and Horace's headstone
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