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Henry Family Line

Sir William Henry (1563-1620)
wife Elinor Dymock (?)

Sir John Henry (1620-1659)
wife Margaret Robertson (1620-1681)

John Henry (1659-1708)
wife Girsell Carney (1659-1681)

Alexander Henry (1681-1735)
wife Jean Robertson (1684-1735)

James Henry (1705-1768)
wife Sarah Allsop (1709-1755)

Samuel Henry (1730-1797)
wife Rachel Unknown (1740-1801)

James Henry (1751-1792)
wife Jane "Jean" McNabb (1752-1812)

Hugh Henry (1786-1832)
wife Elizabeth Unknown (1790-?)

Martha Henry (1821-1898)
husband Jacob Tipton (1813-1851)




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