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Hunter Family Line

Robert Hunter Sr (1520-1591)
wife Agnes Bursch (1520-1591)

Robert Hunter Jr (1540-1605)
wife Jayne Wilbore (1565- ?)

Richard Hunter (1566-1640)
wife Elizabeth Neale (1577-1658)

Edward Hunter I (1617-1668)
wife Ann Nelson (1620-1655)

Edward Hunter II (1650-1720)
wife Margaret Baxter (?)

Edward Hunter III(1702-1757)
wife Eleanor Scott (1702-1757)

Christopher Hunter (1729-1822)
wife Hannah Cliff (1730-1780)

Edward Hunter (1757-1839)
wife Elizabeth Coulson (1756-1793)

Edward Colson Hunter (1782-1858)
wife Elizabeth King (1788-1851)

Susanna Hunter (1821-1912)
husband John Ribble (1810-1856)






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