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He was born in Kentucky before the revolutionary war in 1771 to Deidrick and Susanna Kootch. He was married to Hannah Whitley, George Whitley's daughter. They had 6 children: Margaret born 1794 in Mercer County, Kentucky; Enoch Kutch born 1799 in Mercer County, Kentucky; David Kutch born 1800 in Mercer County, Kentucky; Sarah Ann Kutch born 1803 in Mercer County, Kentucky; Dedrick Kutch II born 1803 in Mercer County, Kentucky; George Kutch born 1794 in Mercer County, Kentucky; Daniel Lee Kutch II born December 4, 1807 in Mercer County, Kentucky; Andrew Kutch born 1809 in Mercer County, Kentucky; Mary Elizabeth Kutch born 1809 in Mercer County, Kentucky; Solomon Kutch born 1811 in Mercer County, Kentucky; William Henry Kutch born 1822 in Mercer County, Kentucky; and Jesse Kutch born 1813 in Mercer County, Kentucky. The children spelled the last name Kutch.

Daniel fought under Capt. Robert Cambell Militia Jan-May 1814 as a private. Information from


4th Regiment West Tennessee Militia Infantry DATES: January 1814 - May 1814

MEN MOSTLY FROM: Jackson, White, Bedford, Giles, Lincoln, and Maury Counties

CAPTAINS: James Bennett, Robert Campbell, John Chitwood, Samuel Maxwell, James Randals, Richard Ratton, James Shinault

BRIEF HISTORY: Part of the brigade led by General Thomas Johnson, this regiment was composed of about 450 men. Colonel Steele and his men were left at Fort Strother while Jackson marched the rest of his army to Horseshoe Bend where the climactic battle of the Creek War was fought (27 March 1814). Steele's regiment served as wagon guards for supplies from Fort Deposit and built boats to transport supplies down the Coosa River to Fort Williams. From Camp Blount at Fayetteville, the regiment took the much-traveled route through Huntsville, Fort Deposit, and Fort Strother.

There is no further information on Daniel's life. It is thought that he died in 1839 in Missouri.

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