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Dedrick Kootch, sometime written as Tetrick, is thought to have been born around 1745 in what  was then Prussia. Family tradition says that his father may have come with him and his name was Tilford Kutch and had been a Prussian soldier. Two of Dedrick's grandsons were named Tilford. Thus far, there is no record of an earlier Tilford.

There is a record of a Frederick Kooch arriving in Philedelphia, Pennsylvania in 1754. If this is indeed Dedrick he would have still been a kid. He married Susannah. In some places she is listed as Susannah Prussia, but that is probably where she was born. They were probably married between 1765-1763 in either Pennsylvania or Kentucky. No record has been found.

They had at least 6 children: Daniel Lee Kutch born around 1771 probably in Mercer County Kentucky, Nancy Kutch born around 1775 probably in Mercer County Kentucky, Elizabeth Kutch born around 1777 probably in Mercer County Kentucky, Sarah Kutch born around 1783 probably in Mercer County Kentucky, John Kurch born around 1786 probably in Mercer County Kentucky, and Susannah Kutch born June 3, 1792 in Lincoln County Kentucky. These are the children mentioned in Dedrick's will. There are so gaps in years of birth so there may have been other children that died early. We know Susannah's date and place of birth due to her headstone and listing in The counties in Kentucky weren't established with the Kutches moved there. Lincoln County, Kentucky was established in June 1780. Later on Mercer County was created using part of Lincoln County. Therefore, the reason the Kutch children are listed as being born in Mercer County is that it is now Mercer County.

Dedrick Kutch's will was written on January 11, 1835. This is his will.

Last Will and Testament of Dedrick Kutch Mercer County, KY
Will book #9  pages 35-36
I Dedrick Kootch being in my proper mind and memory and agreeable to the customs of my country do ordain and establish this last will and testament in way and manner following. I do ordain and appoint Susannah Kootch my lawful wife sole executor to my estate with this will an act both real and personal prohibiting appraisement or sale unless she shall think it proper otherwise to do and (rest of item missing). She shall have the sole benefit of said estate or the disposals of any part thereof to the use and benefit of any legatee by placeing the amount of the real value of the article so given to their respective amounts this shall be her priviledge during life or widowhood to which time all the above named persons agreeable to & with their respective amounts shall be made equal--an exception to that part of my estate devised to Mary Holderman she is not to receive any part thereof during the life of her present husband but after his death her or her heirs shall be entitled to all the benefits of her proportion of my estate but which shall continue in the hands of my executor until that time. Charles Kirkland and W. Guthrie I appoint as such. I do ordain this my last will and testament of my estate revoking all other will or wills heretofore made or executed by me, as witness my hand and seal this 11 January 1835.
Dedrich Kootch (seal)
acknowledged in presence of us 
George Kirkland
Thomas Kirkland
Jim Kirkland
Mercer County Session; February county court 1834.

A bill of changes against the legal heirs and representatives of my estate Respectively for sundrey articles at sundry times received of me they are:

Daniel Kootch to sundreys...................................$118.00
John Kootch to sundreys.....................................$139.00
Nancy "Mary" Holderman to sundreys...................$14.50
Betsey Rolar to sundreys......................................$83.00
Susannah Florey to sundreys.............................$102.00
Sarah Medlock to sundreys.................................$105.00


It is thought that he died January 18, 1835. However, there is not a date of when the will was proved. His wife is mentioned in the will, so she was still living in January of 1835. There is no further mention of her.  Also, there is no known grave for either Dedrick or Susannh.  

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