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Many of my lines arrived to what is now the United States of America in the 17th and early 18th century. Thus many fought in the early wars. Therefore, many lines qualify for a variety of lineage societies. This shows the list of societies and the ancestor that qualifies for it. Some have more information about their lives during that particular time period.

    Richard Denton Jonathan Tipton John Tipton Thomas King      
    John Brockett George Bledsoe John Brockett Edward King      
    Dirck Volkertsen Frederick Van Leeuwen   William Tipton      
    Volkert Dircks Dirck Volkertsen   John Tipton      
    George Lingan Christina Vigne Samuel Henry      
    Pieter DeWitt Guillaume Vigne Daniel Lee Kutch James Henry      
    Jan Janszen Van Breestede Adrienne Cuvelliar Baptist McNabb      
    Volkert Douw Ephraim Pennington James Cason      
    John Brockett John Sharp      
      Richard Denton Thomas Fitzgerald      
      Samuel Denton Conrad Phillips      
      John Rock Smith   James McElroy      
      Mary Blackwell Mary Colson Hampton      
      Pieter Quackenbosch John Tipton Joseph Berry      
      Maritje Ariensz Francis Berry      
      Martin Beeckman        
      Phillip Langelaen        
      Jan Janszen Van Breestede        
      Engeltje Janse        
      Volckert Janse Douw          
      Dorothea Volckers          
      Pieter DeWitt          
      Pieter DeWitt II          
      John Langston        
      Henry Boteler   Edward C Hunter      
      George Lingan   John Tipton      
          Isaac Tipton      
          Hugh Henry      
          Daniel Lee Kutch      
          Adam Poole      

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