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It looks like our Adam Ribble arrived before or around the time of the revolutionary war. But neither this nor his time or place of birth can be proved. There are several other Adam Ribel or Rubel or various other spellings, but those are different men. I could be wrong, but I have based my Ribble research Ida Ribble Duckworth’s book, “Buchanan, Copeland, Ribble”. In her writing, you can tell she is trying to present the information correctly. She quotes from many different letters. Of course, those letters are long gone and we only have her book a correct start. Alma Louise McClintock Shelton wrote “McClintock Memorial” book, but I think she has based hers on Ida’s also. My intent is not to redo their books, but to just update it. Information is not complete on Adam’s grandson, John’s descendants. Both books are good and thorough. Ida’s has more descriptions and stories of various family members. Also, in dealing with family history there are many stories that need added to print, so future descendants will have them if they are interested.

  Our Adam Ribble did not marry Agnes or Catherine Stahl or Kneul. That is one or two of the other Adams. We do not know who or where he was married. Nor did our Adam have children by the name of Regina, Rita, or George, that is another Adam.

Few records exist for Adam Ribble, but some are dated after 1798. Therefore, the death date of 25 Aug 1798 is incorrect, but many people are showing that as his date of death. A will is filed in Washington County, Indiana that could be, but probably not the file date for the will and not the death. For the most, part the will is illegible so no usable information has been gathered from it.


His known children are Elizabeth, Catherine, Margaret, Joseph, John, Samuel, William, Sarah, and Susannah. No known information has been found yet on Elizabeth or Samuel. No burial ground for either has been found.

In 1800, Adam Ribble appears on the tax rolls of Shelby County, Kentucky.

Name: Adam Ribble
State: KY
County: Shelby County
Township: No Township Listed
Year: 1800
Record Type: Tax list
Database: KY Early Census Index
1800 Tax list for Shelby County, Kentucky for Adam Ribble


Marriage record exists for Catherine Ribble marrying John Phillips on 11 Aug 1800 in Shelby County, Kentucky. Ida Ribble Duckworth’s book, “Buchanan, Copeland, Ribble” states that she had 6 children. However, as of yet names and other information has not been found on the 6 children and Ida does not list a source. Catherine married a brother to her brother, Joseph’s wife, Catherine Phillips. This gets a bit confusing with the Catherines because Catherine Phillips married Joseph Ribble. Catherine's brother John Phillips married Catherine Ribble. Their father’s name was Conrad Phillips and he fought in the revolutionary war. At this date, information on Catherine Ribble Phillips stops. Marriage record exists for Margaret Ribble marrying John Compton in 1812 in Shelby County, Kentucky. Ida states that Margaret had 4 children and again there is no source listed. As with Catherine no further information has yet to be found.

Joseph Ribble married Catherine Phillips and they had 9 children. Records exist for this family. John Ribble married Margaret Strait and they had 5 children. Records exist for this family. William Ribble married Elizabeth Berkey and they had 7 children. Records exist for this family.

The estimated year range of Adam Ribble's birth is 1750 - 1762 according to Ida Duckworth's book.

The estimated year of marriage is 1775. Wife's name has never been found.

Their first child, Catherine Ribble, was probably born around 1777.

In 1779, Adam Ribble appears on the Passyunk, Philadelphia Tax Rolls.

Passyunk, Philadelphia Tax Rolls for 1779 showing Adam Ribble paid taxes

In 1781 the birth of a son, Joseph Ribble - date is on headstone - probably Pennsylvania. He verified birth of sister, Margaret Ribble, in Pennsylvania on December 16, 1784. The birth of another son, John E. Ribble, happened on March 12, 1788 born in Shelby County, Kentucky. On December 26, 1791 a son, William Ribble, was born in Shelby County, Kentucky. In 1795 a daughter, Sarah Ribble, was born in Shelby County, Kentucky.

According to, Adam Ribble appears on the 1800 Shelby County, Kentucky, tax list, but no document has been provided.

According to, Adam bought land on March 8, 1803 in Shelby County, Kentucky. In 1803 a daughter Susannah Ribble was born in Shelby County, Kentucky. No document has been provided.

According to, Adam sold land on March 4, 1815 in Shelby County, Kentucky. No document has been provided. According to According to, Adam sold everything he had to his sons, Joseph and William Ribble, on September 9, 1815.

Adam Ribble is found in the 1820 census for August 7, 1820 for the Washington County, Indiana.

1820 census Washington County, Indiana - Adam Ribble family
Below is a breakdown of the census questions
Adam Ribble
Home in 1820 (City, County, State):
Washington, Indiana
Enumeration Date:
August 7, 1820
Free White Persons - Males - 16 thru 25:
1  (probably a grandson)
Free White Persons - Males - 45 and older:
1   Adam Ribble
Free White Persons - Females - 16 thru 25:
1   Susannah Ribble
Free White Persons - Females - 45 and older:
1    wife name unknown
Free White Persons - Over 25:
Total Free White Persons:
Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other:


Adam died between August 7, 1820 and 1830, but probably in 1821 and buried in Washington County, Indiana.

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