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Adam Ribble History

Adam Ribble (?-aft 1810)
wife unknown(1759-1834)

Joseph Ribble (1781-1856)
wife Catherine Phillips (1790-1826)

John Ribble (1810-1856)
wife Susanna Hunter (1821-1912)

W. A. "Bill" Ribble (1851-1948)
wife Nancy "Nanny" Kutch (1862-1917)

Horace Ribble, Sr (1882-1953)
wife Zuma Perry Tipton (1883-1963)

Horace "H.L." Ribble, Jr (1903-1984)
wife Jimmie Dillinder (1905-1998)

Billy Loyd Ribble (1928-2014)
wife Jackie Phinney (1926-1995)






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