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Lee ORA Ribble was the first child born to William “Bill” Alexander and Nancy “Nannie” Kutch Ribble. She was born January 5, 1881 in Young County, Texas. She has a half-brother, Eddie Ribble, born to her father and his first wife, who died in childbirth in 1876.

Her father’s father had already passed away, but she was able to know her father’s mother, Susan Hunter Ribble. Her mother’s mother, Artamissa Melinda McElroy Kutch died the year after Ora was born. However, she did know her mother’s father, Bolin Lafayette Kutch. He lived in Parker County, but they would visit. The photography studio that took the pictures of her and her siblings was in Weatherford, Parker County, Texas, which was very close to where her Kutch grandfather lived.

From L to R - Ora, Eddie, Horace, and Josie

Above is a map of where Ora's childhood home was located and how far she had to go to get to school at Henry Chapel. She and her siblings attended school at Henry Chapel. The Henry Chapel community was a few miles down the road from where they lived. On the 1940 census she states that she completed the 7th grade.The Jarnagins lived in the same area. That is probably where she met her future husband, Will Jarnagin.

Below is a picture of her childhood home. Sometime between 1920 - 1945 Ora's younger sister bought out all siblings share of the childhood place. This picture was after she had bought it and did a few updates on house, but this was the place were Ora and her siblings were born.

Home where Ora and siblings grew up (log cabin to right of big house)

In the coming years she would have another brother, Horace Lafayette Ribble born in 1882, and two sisters, Josephine “Josie” Pearl Ribble born in 1886, and Della Willie Ribble born in 1888. In 1885 another baby sister, Savilla, was born, but she only lived one month. She is buried in Gooseneck Cemetery next to Eddie’s mother and an infant baby that died in 1876.

Savilla Ribble's headstone. She was born
June 5, 1885 and died July 4, 1885.
W.A. Ribble Family - seated Nannie Kutch and W. A. Ribble, standing between them is Della Ribble,
behind her is Josie Ribble. standing on back row from l to r : Horace Ribble, Ora Ribble, Eddie Ribble

The 1900 census shows Ora living with her parents, brother, Horace, and her sisters Josie, and Della in Young County, Texas.

1900 censwus

On February 10, 1903 in Young County, Texas, Ora married William Holt Jarnagin. They welcomed their first child, Sue Adalyne Jarnagin, on April 5, 1905. Sue died May 25, 1907

She is buried in Finis Cemetery, Jack County, Texas
next to Thomas C. Jarnagin her grandfather that died the previous year.

The picture below is a family portrait of all of Bill and Nannie’s children and grandchildren up to that time. Taken around 1906, this was a professionally done photo. On the video recording mentioned above, one of the grandchildren, either Carnace or Carson, mentioned that he thought the picture took place on Bill’s newly purchased property closer to Graham. He recognized the tree as one in his grandfather’s yard. Both Carson and Carnace were in the picture and remembered that day. In the early 1900s, Bill purchased some property that he eventually built a house on with enough room for his mother, Susan, and sister, Ellen, to live with him. As Graham grew this property became known as Cherry St extending out Hwy 16/Bunger highway. At the time, he bought it the street was considered Bunger Road.

ca 1907 back row l to r: Horace Ribble, Fatine Ribble in her mother, Zuma Tipton Ribble's arms, Ida Chandler Ribble, Eddie Ribble in his arms Amiee B, Ora Ribble Jarnagin, Will Jarnagin with Sue Jarnagin in his arms (she passed away soon after this picture was made), standing in front of Willl is his son, William Carnace Ribble. Front row l to r: seated on ground Della Ribble, standing behind her is H.L. Ribble, Jr, seated is W. A. Ribble, Norman Carson Ribble,
seated is Nannie Kutch, seated on ground is Josie Ribble.

On June 21, 1908, Willian Jarnagin their next child was born in Graham, Young County, Texas. She grew up in Graham and attended Graham schools. After high school she attended Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas and became a school teacher. Later she married Grady Wright and they lived in New Mexico for most of their married life.

Will Jarnagin early 1900s

On April 8, 1910 their next child Della Maurie Jarnagin was born in Graham, Young County, Texas. She was named after her Aunt Della, but people called her Maurie. She grew up in Graham and attended Graham schools. December 24, 1930 she married Clarence Ervin Taylor in Graham. On May 22, 1936 their son, Alan Dexter Taylor was born in Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.

Della MAURIE Jarnagin's delayed birth certificate

On February 2, 1912 their next child Mary Lee Jarnagin was born in Graham, Young County, Texas.

Mary Lee Jarnagin's Birth Certificate


On August 18, 1913, the Ribbles had a fish fry. Ora, Will, and the children are in this picture, but yet to be identified. The fish were probably caught in the Brazos River or one of the creeks that flow into it.   The location of Ribble Park is unknown, but it was probably at the home in what is now Graham, Texas. At the time, the property was located just outside the city limits of Graham. (Roll-over the picture with a mouse and the recognized ones have a link). The little girls at the front of the pictures are sure to be the Jarnagin girls.

Uncle Billy Ribble
1913 Ribble Fish Fry
On March 24, 1914 their last child and only boy, William Clark Jarnagin was born in Graham, Young County, Texas. He was called Clark all his life.
Baby in high chair is Clark. To the right of Clark is Maurie.
The smallest little girl is Mary Lee. Behind Mary Lee is Willian.

From L to R Will Jarnagin, his brother in laws Herbert Bigham. and John Walter Caldwell

On April 16, 1916 their youngest daughter Mary Lee, passed away in Foard County, Texas from intussusception. It probably came on fast and was very painful. They brought her back to bury her next to her sister, Sue, and grandfather, Thomas C Jarnagin in Finis Cemetery in Jack County, Texas, which is located not too far from where both her parents grew up.

Mary Lee Jarnagin's death certificate
Mary Lee's headstone from Finis Cemetery in Jack County, Texas

Ora's mother, Nannie Kutch Ribble, died April 9, 1917 due to complications with gall bladder surgery at a hospital in Ft. Worth.

Nannie Kutch - Ora's mother
Picture of Will and Clark Jarnagin and an unknown person. It looks like Clark is holding a football.
The Jarnagins visiting Poo at his home on what is now Cherry St in Graham, Texas, L to R Clark Jarnagin on the horse, his grandfather,
W.A. Ribble, his step-grandmother, Nannie Carter Ribble, his sister, Maurie Jarnagin, his mother, Ora Jarnagin, his sister, Willian Jarnagin, and his father, Will Jarnagin.
Ora and Will's surviving children Willian, Clark, and Maurie, visitng their Uncle Horace Ribble close to Finis, Texas.

In 1940, their son Clark married Jeanell Green. In 1943 they have their first child. A daughter named named Kay.

Ora and Will with Kay
Clark with his grandfather, W.A. Ribble (Poo)
ca 1944 Ora, Will, Kay Jarnagin and Alan Taylor
ca 1945 Ora with her siblings and father on one of his birthdays
Ora's children with Kay and Allen From L to R Kay Jarnagin sitting in Grady Wright's lap,
Willian Jarnagin Wright holding Bill Jarnagin, Maurie Jarnagin Taylor with her son, Alan Taylor, Clark Jarnagin
Ora with granddaughter, Kay

In 1947, Clark's wife, Jeanell, gave birth to twins girls, Jan and Jill Jarnagin.

94th birthday party
His 94th birthday party made the newspaper
1945 birthday party
Bill's birthday party of 1945
from r to l: Eddie Ribble, Ora Ribble Jarnagin, Horace Lafayette Ribble, W.A. Ribble (seated), Josie Ribble Caldwell, Della Ribble Bigham
from l to r: Josie, Della, Ora, with their father W.A. seated

On September 28, 1948 at the age of 97, Ora's father, Bill Ribble passed away. He was buried in Gooseneck Cemetery between his first two wives.

Ora with her sisters, Josie and Della, at their fathers funeral.

Ora and Will celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on February 10, 1953.

At the age of 79 on February 15, 1959 Will Jarnagin passed away and a little over a year later on May 2, 1960, Ora passed away. They are buried in Pioneer Cemetery in Graham, Texas.

Will Jarnagin's death certificate
Ora Ribble Jarnagin's death certificate
Headstone for Will and Ora Jarnagin
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